What is the Most Popular Search Engine in Japan? Updated for 2020

Search Engine Market Share in Japan for 2020, broken down by Destop, Tablet and Mobile

As a Digital Marketing agency in Japan, we are often asked this question from our clients. Here is a research on search engine market share in Japan by StatCounter. Source: https://gs.statcounter.com/search-engine-market-share/all/japan Desktop Search Engine Market Share Japan Google – 73.2% Yahoo! – 16.6% bing – 9.7% Tablet Search Engine Market Share Japan Google – 70.6% […]

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What We Learned from Implementing HubSpot’s Topic Clusters in Japan

What We Learned from Implementing HubSpot’s Topic Cluster System in Japan

Over the past 2 years, there has been a lot of discussion about Topic Clusters as an effective method for Content Marketing. Topic Clusters, also known as Pillar-Clusters or Content Silos, are a way of grouping content together to help attract search traffic. Google’s Hummingbird algorithm is designed to rank articles based on Themes, not […]

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Writing SEO Titles and Descriptions for Your Japanese Website

It is important to set up SEO Title and Description tags for websites even though they are not visible on your website itself. They are used to show the Search Engine Result Pages as below.  SEO Titles and Meta-Descriptions are really important for SEO, yet many business owners overlook them. Understand their nature, it is easy […]

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7 Common SEO Mistakes Made By Japanese Websites Today

As SEO Consultants at Zo Digital Japan, we often see the same familiar patterns of SEO mistakes in Japan. We see these mistake over and over again. Many of these mistakes come from Web Developers who build great looking websites, but have little or no knowledge of common SEO techniques. Don’t become a casualty. In […]

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Japanese Websites – 2 Disturbing Trends

2 Disturbing Trends of Web Sites in Japan

There are 2 Japanese website trends going on right now. While these 2 trends might seem really cool right now and there is merit to implementing them on your website, most web developers or web marketers don’t take into account the impact on business results of adopting these trends. Specifically, these trends could hurt your […]

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Localizing your Website to Japanese? Beware of this SEO Trap

Japanese SEO Trap

Let’s say you are a hot new startup or successful foreign company, and your service is doing really well online. Your website is highly optimized for SEO in English, and it generates lots of organic traffic. A good percentage of those visitors to your website turn into paying customers. Your English business is doing really […]

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Jeff Presented at WordCamp Tokyo 2017

Jeff Crawford presents using WordPress for Digital Marketing and Landing Pages at Word Camp Tokyo 2017.

Hi Folks. Last Saturday, Jeff Crawford, founder and lead consultant at JC Digital, presented at WordCamp Tokyo 2017. In his presentation, Jeff talked about Digital Marketing using WordPress. In his talk, Jeff discussed the problem where people drive too much traffic to the home page. Jeff suggests creating multiple landing pages to transition users onto […]

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Top 10 Web Marketing Mistakes by Japanese Companies in 2017

Japanese Web Marketing

As Japanese Company, are you looking to grow overseas? Having a good Web Marketing strategy is absolutely necessary to attract paying customers or clients from abroad. But many Japanese small and medium businesses fail to attract global visitors. After talking to many companies in the last year, here are the top 10 mistakes we see companies […]

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Jeff At AdTech Tokyo 2016

Jeff Crawford speaking at AdTech Tokyo

Hi Folks. Last month I (Jeff Crawford) spoke at a panel discussion at Ad Tech Tokyo at the International Forum in Yurakucho on September 20th 2016. It was a pleasure to speak at this conference with representatives of Google and Linked In.

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Elements of a High Quality Landing Page

User having doubts while viewing a landing page

As we all do increasingly more business online, it becomes necessary to have a good high quality landing page for each service we offer or product we sell. Yet, particularly in Japan, I see so many poor landing pages. These landing pages fail to garner users’ attention and fail to convert visitors into customers. Many businesses […]

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