Writing Title and Description for Your Japanese Website

It is important to set up Title and Description tags for websites even though they are not visible on your website itself. They are used to show the Search Engine Result Pages as below.

Why are they important to do SEO for your website? Here are why.

  1. Improve discoverability of your website
  2. Improve the number of the clicks from searchers
  3. Improve the ranking on your website on Search Engine 

You can achieve all of the above for free. It's a simple but effective way to improve your website presence online. 

4 Tips to get started

  1. Mind the length
  2. Find and Include the target keyword    
  3. Focus on creating good contents for human eyes
  4. Avoid duplication or plagiarism

1. Mind the length

If the contents are too long than Google or Yahoo prefer, they will be cut off at the end of it with “...” . 

When writing your own Title or Description, refer the below for the length to avoid this.


  • Half-size alphabet letters: 50-60 characters
  • Full-size Japanese letters: 25-30 characters    


  • Half-size alphabet letters: 140-160 characters
  • Full-size Japanese letters: 70-80 characters 

2. Find and Include the target keyword    

Before writing the Title or Description, think of the “Keyword” that users would type in Google to look for your contents. It will be the best to go through a keyword research process. Once you have the keywords, mind the following 3 points and create great title and description to describe the content on your webpage.

  • Include the keyword as the early part of the sentence as possible.  
  • Include the keyword at least once, but no more than 3
  • Avoid awkward sentence and focus on good contents

A benefit of doing the above is that if the keyword searchers use to match with the keyword in your contents, they will show up in BOLD.

3. Focus on good contents for human eyes  

Title and description should make users want to choose out contents over other search results. Description Tags should be actionable for humans to click.

  • Create the title and description so that the searchers will resonate with the contents that you offer.    
  • Include Call-to-Action such as "Take action today" or “Find out more”.

Users always have other options. Creating Title and Description to resonate with the users will help them bring to your website.

4. Avoid duplication or plagiarism.

According to Google, they encourage not to have duplicate, overlapping, or redundant contents.

  • Make sure that no 2 pages have the exact same Title tags  
  • It is ok to get inspirations from other websites, but do not copy.

If you are looking to improve your website’s presence in Japan, reach us out to discuss how we can help you.

About the Author Shinsaku "Shin" Ohno

Shin is an entrepreneur with a diverse business background in marketing, sales, finance, accounting, and Digital Marketing. He has lived in the US for 12 years and spent 18 years in an international environment. In 2018, Shin joined Jeff and Founded Zo Digital Japan, a Digital Marketing Agency. Shin brings a strong understanding in both digital and traditional marketing activities. His strengths are bilingual search marketing in English and Japanese, Search Engine Optimization, as well as Pay-per-Click advertising on Google and Yahoo. Shin looks forward to taking international companies to the next level in Japan.

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