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an SEO & Digital Marketing Agency in Tokyo

We are an SEO & Digital Marketing Agency based in Tokyo Japan. Our bilingual consultants are data driven specialists dedicated to helping foreign and local businesses succeed in Japan.

Let's get more visitors to your website, and convert them into paying customers.

Who We Serve

At Zo Digital, we enable startups and fast-growing businesses to be successful online. We support 2 types of clients:

  • Overseas companies entering Japan
  • Japanese companies focusing on foreign and Japanese visitors

We support clients for both B2B and B2C, as well as EC Sites and Lead Generation Sites.

Zo Digital Japan, experts at SEO and Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services

As a Digital Agency in Japan, we provide a range of services to grow your business online. 



In your market, you are likely to have many competitors online. So when a user searches online for your product, how do you make your website stand out? We have experience in "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO) to make your online brand stand out from the crowd. Our proven "White Hat'" SEO techniques will build authority, and create a steady stream of inbound customers to your website.

Conversion Optimization (CRO)

Conversion Optimization

Getting potential customers to your website is only half the battle. Most companies don't understand what it takes to convert a lead into a paying customer. We have the experience in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Landing Page Optimization (LPO) and A/B Testing to turn those visits into paying customers. We also use tools for Heat Maps, Scrolls Maps, and User Tracking to identify and fix bottlenecks. 

We advertise on Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn and more

PPC Advertising

Need new customers in a hurry? We are experts in running online Pay-per-click Campaigns in Search, Display, Video, and Social Ads. We also do Retargeting & Remarketing to bring customers back to your web site. Whether it's Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo JP, YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn, we have the experience and knowhow to make your ad campaign successful. Google Adwords Certified.

We are experts at Email List Building and Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Talk to the experts in the field, and they all say the same thing. The most important asset you have online is your email list. Work with us, and together we'll build an large email list, or CRM, of highly engaged fans. These fans will reward you handsomely when they need your services. We can set you up with MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Drip, Mautic and more.

At JC Digital, we are experts in Analytics in Japan


At Zo Digital, we are "data nerds". We love to chomp on data, look for trends and outliers, and point out new opportunities for your business. And we can roll complex data into easy to read reports that allow you to take action. Of course, our Web Marketing consultants are Google Analytics Certified (GAIQ).

We can consult on Social Media Strategies

Social Media

Everyone says you need to have a "social strategy", but but few SMBs understand what it takes. Hint: just having a Facebook Page is not enough. Whether your customers hang out on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, LINE or Instagram, we'll develop a strategy that links you to where your customers hang out, and build a happy engaged fan base in Japan.

We do Local SEO, and get get you into the Google 3-Pack

Local Marketing

Local business owners, do you feel confident customers are finding your business online? We are experts in Local Advertising. We can target the right people in your local area and make sure your business has a strong Local “Online Presence”.

We Develop Websites in WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and more

Web Site Development

We are experts in WordPress & Thrive Architect and can create a high converting website in just a few days. Most importantly, we can deliver an SEO Optimized website that will not only show off your brand very well, but also attract your ideal customers, and convert them into customers.

We have 15 years of SW Development Experiene

Software Development

Our lead consultant Jeff has 15 years of experience developing complex software for millions of people. HTML? CSS? JavaScript? Twitter Bootstrap? No problem. With our technical background, we can solve problems on our own, or hire and manage a team of developers for you. 

Consulting Services

We have years of Project Management Experience

Project Management

Is that project going to ship on-time, and meet customer's expectations? That can be a real challenge for first timers. At Zo Digital, we have 25 years of experience working at big name software companies shipping actual products. We have seen successes and failures. Let our experience guide you to be successful.

We manage teams of people

People Management

Sometimes it's hard to tell if you have a product problem, a process problem or a people problem. At Zo Digital, we have experience in all 3 areas. We have 10 years of people management experience, managing people, vendors and relationships in Japan, China, Korea, Singapore and India.

We have years of experience localizing software


Japanese or English, taking your software product or service from a single product to a global marketplace can be daunting for first timers. At Zo Digital, we have experience shipping global software at both Apple and Microsoft. We can guide you to avoid mistakes early that result in problems later on.

Recent Success

7x Traffic in 1 Year

Zo Digital worked with a major CRM and Marketing Automation company. We did the research, organized content into Topic Clusters, wrote content briefs, and tracked keyword progress with SEO tools. The client provided the writers. The result was a huge success in 2020.

4x Traffic in 1 Year

Zo Digital worked with an on-demand print company based in Europe. We performed contents research, wrote content briefs, hired and managed writers, and built links to popular articles. The result was a 4x visitor improvement to their Japanese blog in 2020.

10x Page Views, 15x Users

Zo Digital continued its long-time partnership with Japan PI. In 2020, we targeted specific niches, topic by topic. We performed a contents gap analysis, write detailed content briefs, and assisted our client to write blog articles. The result is Japan PI was able to grow their Page Views by 10x, and users by 15x in 1 year.

New Website For Payments Processor

In 2021, Zo Digital Designed and created a new website for a rapidly expanding payments processor company in Japan. First we performed Keyword Research and applied it to the site structure. Next we rebuilt the site using WordPress and Elementor. This gives our client a head start in 2021.

About Us

Jeff talking about Data & Analytics at Ad-Tech Tokyo 2016
Our Mission

To empower everyday businesses with Technology & Data. Then Optimize processes to obtain real business Results.

Our Values
  • Customer Focus: We listen carefully to our client's needs.
  • Problem Solving: Ultimately, we see ourselves as a team the can apply technology to solve a problem.
  • Integrity: We do our absolute best to meet your expectations and hold to our commitments.
  • Honesty: We are very open and honest about what we do. If we can't meet your needs, we will gladly suggest an alternative.

"Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion."

― W. Edwards Deming

Jeff Crawford discussing Analytics at Ad-Tech Tokyo 2016
About Jeff Crawford

Jeff Crawford has developed user friendly software aimed at millions of people for companies such as Apple and Microsoft in Silicon Valley.

Jeff has lived in Tokyo since 2004, working for MSN Japan and Adobe Systems Japan managing teams in Japan, China & Korea. He speaks native English and business level Japanese.

In 2014, Jeff started JC Digital Consulting based in Tokyo, which became Zo Digital Japan GK in 2018.

Jeff also leads the Tokyo Digital Marketers Meetup. The group meets on a monthly basis. And is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ). He has also presented about SEO at Ad-Tech Tokyo, WordCamp Tokyo, JMEC & JAT.

Go here for more information about Jeff on LinkedIn

Goro Koyama, CEO of Japan PI Inc,

Goro Koyama

CEO, Japan PI Inc.

Mr. Crawford is not only the best marketing consultant to promote Japanese commodities or services to overseas, but also the total adviser who knows the true essence of marketing and can generate a fundamental revolution to our business structure.

His services are not limited to simple advertisements, but he is the unique bilingual consultant who is capable of providing consistent supports including organizing personas of customers, creating optimized landing pages for the personas, generating marketing funnels and planning the best marketing strategies based on the funnels.

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