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Looking for Japan Market Entry at a reasonable price? Our expert bilingual consultants can guide you to the best Growth Hacking or Test Marketing strategies in Japan. Whether you are a startup going from zero to one, or an existing business looking to ramp your customer base, let us provide the right growth marketing strategy for you. We have the in market knowhow to find the most cost effective channels to grow your business in japan.

Zo Digital Japan, experts at SEO and Digital Marketing

How We Do Growth Hacking

At Zo Digital Japan, we are passionate about data driven growth marketing. We don't randomly chose strategies, and see "what sticks to the wall".

First, we will sit down with you to understand your business goals, and see how it relates to your web site. Via careful Customer and Keyword Research, we create customer journeys and buyer personas which are the basis for inbound strategy. Then we apply right mix of the strategies listed below to quickly grow your business. We will also advise you of common differences between Japanese and Western markets, so you can avoid major marketing mistakes.

During our journey, we will use Test Marketing techniques to try difference messages, different offers, and various online campaigns. Yes, a big part of our efforts are A/B Testing in the Japanese market.

And above all, we are data driven. We track all results via Web Analytics and Business Intelligence tools. Then report results back to you in English.

Growth Hacking Services We Offer

We advertise on Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn and more

PPC Advertising

This is probably the most common form of growing your business. And still works for many industries. We can advertise on Ad Networks such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Sponsored Search, GDN, YDN, Facebook and others. The knowlege gained from running some simple PPC campaigns can give incredible insight on what your customers are demanding.

We do Conversion Optimization, CRO and Landing Page Optimization

Conversion Optimization

Getting potential customers to your website is only half the battle. Most companies don't understand what it takes to convert a lead into a paying customer. We have the experience in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Landing Page Optimization (LPO) and A/B Testing to turn those visits into paying customers. We create landing pages in WordPress, LeadPages and Kickoff Labs.

We do Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing


When growth hacking a startup in Japan, it's important to have a clear set of keywords to target your audience. At Zo Digital, we'll perform Keyword research in Japanese. Then we apply that knowledge in On Page SEO. In that manner, we can ensure the sales copy best matches the expectation of visitors. Get more visitors via search engines.

Landing Page Development

Also known as LPO, we use sophisticated Landing Page tools, we can create array of landing pages to match different offers your audience might be interested.

A/B Testing

A key component of test marketing, we use sophisticated tools to run A/B Tests to test various offers to see how your product or service resonates with Japanese users.

We can consult on Social Media Strategies

Social Media

For many types of businesses, growing on Social Media is the path to success. We can grow your business on Social Networks like LINE, Facebook, Ameblo and others.

SEO Link Building

For those companies that want to build long term SEO via backlinks. Our consultants can use the latest tools and techniques to find backlink opportunities from high domain authority websites. These backlinks will drive traffic to your website.

Viral Growth

The best most successful businesses have been able to grow virally. Having your best customers recommend your product to their friends is a successful strategy. At Zo Digital, we can apply viral growth methods in Japan to get more customers online.

Contents Marketing

When creating contents, the "spray and pray" approach no longer works. You need a clear Contents Creation Strategy based on solid Keyword Research and Customer Personas. We can create an manage a plan for creating contents on a schedule.


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Goro Koyama, CEO of Japan PI Inc,

Goro Koyama

CEO, Japan PI Inc.

Mr. Crawford is not only the best marketing consultant to promote Japanese commodities or services to overseas, but also the total adviser who knows the true essence of marketing and can generate a fundamental revolution to our business structure.

His services are not limited to simple advertisements, but he is the unique bilingual consultant who is capable of providing consistent supports including organizing personas of customers, creating optimized landing pages for the personas, generating marketing funnels and planning the best marketing strategies based on the funnels.

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