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As a bilingual SEO agency in Tokyo, our consultants have the right tools and knowhow to grow your business in Japan. 

SEO, or "Search Engine Optimization", isn’t just about keyword volume or backlinks from high authority websites. It’s about delivering keyword infused content that drives customers through your website or sales funnel. It’s about being found in all the right places, and it’s about using that visibility to drive real, measurable growth in your company’s bottom line.

Japanese SEO provides additional dimensions in complexity not seen in other languages are markets. There are many SEO traps that beginners can make when localizing a website into Japanese. As an SEO Company, our consultants have the Japanese market expertise to give you expert advice, and help you avoid mistakes that others make.

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Japan SEO Techniques

How We Apply SEO

As an SEO company in Japan, we approach SEO in 2 ways, short term and long term.

Short Term SEO: On Page SEO

In the short term, we are looking to understand your current position against competitors, as well as remove basic SEO bottlenecks. And we work with you to create a strategy for moving forward.

Keyword Research

At Zo Digital Japan, everything starts with our Keyword and Competitor Research. And we have the most thorough and vetted process for doing research in Japan. We use advanced tools in Japanese or English to find large swathes of keywords. We take care to categorize them by searcher intent. Then we carefully analyze Search Results Pages (SERPs) to find opportunities for your business. Our reports will give you valuable insight into the Japanese market.

SEO & Japanese Usability Audit

Based on the keyword research, we will analyze the structure of your website, and identify major bottlenecks to getting noticed. We also use audit tools to detect broken links, poorly structured HREFLang tags, missing indexed pages, and more. Then we put on our "Japanese Hat", and analyze your site from a Japanese user point of view. We know the types of problems that foreign companies make when launching their website in Japan.

SEO Page Optimizations

Looking for some quick wins with your keyword rankings. Based on our Keyword Research, we will optimize key portions of the page to match searchers intent. 

Long Term SEO

When we think about the long term health of your business, we generally employ 2 SEO techniques, while tracking your results.

Content Marketing

We'll work with your business to create a data driven contents plan to target your idea audience at different stages in the buying process. This content will attract visitors to your site. We have also had proven success implementing the Topic Cluster system in Japanese or English to target high volume competitive keywords.

Link Building Outreach

Search engines place a high respect for high quality backlinks in your field of interest. We use sophisticated SEO tools to scan the various websites, blog posts, contents looking for link building opportunities. We also have techniques for creating linkable content in Japan. 

Reporting and Tracking

We partner with our clients and carefully track progress of important keywords and pages on a monthly basis. We not only report on your progress, but track changes made by competitors as well. And we will continually look for new opportunities to promote your brand online.

Japan SEO Services

We can review your website in English or Japanese

SEO Site Audit

We'll use the latest tools and techniques in English or Japanese to evaluate the state of your On Page SEO.

Content Marketing

We'll apply advanced techniques, such as the Topic Clusters, to write optimized contents that attract visitors to your site.

Link Building

We'll scour the web in English or Japanese to find influencers & backlink opportunities and increase your domain authority.

SEO Keyword Research in English or Japanese

Keyword Research

We use sophisticated SEO tools and techniques to identify the right keyword niches that will expand your business.

SEO Training in Japan

SEO Training

Want to do it yourself? We can train your staff in Japan on how to use the appropriate SEO tools, KPIs, and techniques.


SEO is not a "one and done" operation. We'll continually report of the progress of your SEO optimized pages with SEO Tools.


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Martins Groza endorses Zo Digital Japan

Martins Groza

Head of SEO at Printful Inc.

Possibly the most comprehensive keyword researches I've seen. Kudos to Jeff and his team for doing an outstanding job! I'm honored to have Zo Digital as a Partner.

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