Local SEO, Getting into the 3-Pack

Local SEO in 3 Steps

If you are a local business, you probably want to get customers online. You are hoping you can get ranked at the top of Google or Yahoo, then drive customers to your site. But it’s not happening. Why? For one, the competition in the Local SEO space is heating up. More and more businesses are become […]

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A/B Testing Gone Awry

AB Testing for Conversion Optimization

Today, I want to respond to a very interesting video posted by YK Sugishita about A/B Testing. Before reading the rest of this blog post, please enjoy this 4 1/2 minute video.

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Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2016

Woman Stressed About Digital Marketing Strategies

Let’s say you are business owner in 2016, and your online customer acquisition is mediocre, or perhaps non existent. You want to get more customers online, but don’t know where to start. You seek advice from friends, and get many various responses. Some people strongly recommend SEO. Others will extoll the virtues of Pay-per-click Advertising, […]

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How to Test-Launch your Product in the USA

Let’s say you are a Japanese company, or an aspiring startup. You already have a really good product or service that is selling well in Japan. You think it will be a hit around the world, but don’t have the resources to take it global.

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Can You Help with My SEO? — Are you really asking the right question?

SEO for Digital Marketeers

“My business is down significantly from last year. Can you help with my SEO?” As a consultant, I hear this question a lot from small or medium sized business (SMB) owners. In the past, without doing anything, they used to have excellent listings on page 1 of Google Search. And could count on a certain […]

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