Beauty, Cosmetics & Health Marketing in Japan

Let our experts help you with Japan Market Entry for your beauty products.

Launching your cosmetics or beauty related product in Japan can be a daunting task. Many startups that have succeeded in the US and Europe have failed in Japan. The list includes companies like eBay, Uber, LinkedIn and more. It's easy to become a casualty.

The beauty and cosmetics market in particular is very difficult to enter because:

  • Local companies are ruthlessly competitive to outside new entrants.
  • Japanese consumers are very demanding with unique tastes and requirements compared to the rest of the world.
  • Japanese are very particular about their own set of values and practices.

In this Digital Era, the challenge get worse. Japanese consumers: 

  • Have strong connections, and can influence each other.
  • Have free access to information online, both real and fake.
  • Have high expectations of a seamless customer experience. In Japan, "the customer is god.

This market is not for the feint of heart.

We do SEO, PPC, CRO and Analytics

How We Do Japan Market Entry

At JC Digital, we bring a speedy and cost effective strategy for launching your products in Japan.

We support cosmetics & beauty care products & services, health food suppliers, and E-Commerce websites.

We can assist you in Japan by the following:

  • Develop customer intelligence
  • Build compelling value propositions
  • Corroborate with Japanese business partners
  • Develop data driven marketing and sales management strategies

Let's work together to make your product successful in Japan.

Our Services

We are Analytics experts in Japan

Market Intelligence

We can provide expert market, customer, and competitor analysis for launching your product.

Project Management

Competitive Assessment

We can do an internal assessment (SWOT) to evaluate your companies competitive strengths and weaknesses in Japan.  

We advertise on Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn and more

Market Entry Strategy

Our lead consultant has experience helping startups, and helping companies in the beauty and cosmetics space.

Social Media Networking

Partner Development

We have experience finding and reaching out to influencers in your space. We can also create partnerships with key people.



We can manage localizations with keyword infused content to appeal to Japanese market tastes.

Website Development


Besides strategists, we are also technical implementors. We can quickly execute on any online strategy.


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To get your beauty or health product launched in Japan, contact us for a free consultation.

Goro Koyama from Japan PI

 Goro Koyama 

 CEO of Japan PI inc. 


Mr. Crawford is not only the best marketing consultant to promote Japanese commodities or services to overseas, but also the total adviser who knows the true essence of marketing and can generate a fundamental revolution to our business structure.

His services are not limited to simple advertisements, but he is the unique bilingual consultant who is capable of providing consistent supports including organizing personas of customers, creating optimized landing pages for the personas, generating marketing funnels and planning the best marketing strategies based on the funnels.